Entity Doll Full Body Silicone Inflatable Doll Men's Real Sex Toys Can Be Inserted Into The Machine Adult Girlfriend

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Material:  Platinum  Silicone
We main recommendation is the platinum silicone doll

Main materials for making dolls

TPE  Recommendation Index   ★
Low cost, cheap, can recycle waste materials, reuse, soft and close to real human skin
1. The hygienic safety of tpe recycled many times is worrying, and it is easy to cause allergies and illness;
2. The peculiar smell is very big, smell very bad, and many manufacturers have added flavors. The excessively strong flavors make people headache.
3. It is easy to produce oil. Because the melting point of TPE is about 80 degrees, it is extremely easy to produce oil under high temperature and high light conditions. The body of the doll is greasy, and the bed and clothes are full of oil. After the oil is released, it is easy to crack and deform, and become white after aging.
4. Short service life, 3-6 months
5. Can't kiss, can't lick, it will cause cancer 
6. Very heavy

Silicone recommendation index  ★ 
No peculiar smell, safe, hard texture is easier to engrave, so the details of silicone doll will be very delicate and lifelike, it is very suitable for modeling and taking pictures
 1. The texture of silicone is much harder than  tpe.
2. The cost is expensive, cannot be recycled repeatedly, the production            cost is expensive, and the price is expensive
3. The material is hard, the experience is not good

Platinum Silicone
Recommendation index

1. Platinum silica gel combines the advantages of tpe and silica gel. It has the texture and softness of tpe, the sanitary and safety advantages of silica gel, eliminates the shortcomings of tpe, has no peculiar smell, has a high melting point, is not easy to oil and deform, and has a soft and realistic texture.
2. Long service life 5-6 years
3. It feels good to use, you can warm it up, you can kiss and lick, and it feels like being with a real person
4. Lightweight
The platinum water and formula added to the silica gel cannot be recycled and the cost is very high.

How to distinguish TPE, silica gel, Platinum Silicone
       Tpe's unique odor (or huge flavor odor) can distinguish tpe from silica gel and platinum silica gel. The odor is tpe, and the odorless is platinum silica gel or silica gel. There is no smell, and the hard material is silicone.There is no smell, the material is as soft as TPE, and the platinum silica gel is very good in the hand.
Our main recommendation is the platinum silicone doll

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